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Our directory is a listing of reliable auto body shops in Toronto. Please click on blue box and read more as well. Having car problems? Are you not sure how to fix all the problems you are having? Well, this article is certain to be of assistance.advantage auto body shop toronto

What is the advantage to deal with Auto Body Shop Toronto Companies

Auto body shop is not a new concept. In fact, they are about as old as the automobile itself. The reason it came about was that people had accidents. Instead of going out and purchasing new cars, they wanted their used vehicles fixed. This gave birth to auto body repair business. And, since their inception, they have provided an immeasurable service to people who cannot fix their own vehicles. What exactly is auto body shop? The places that people can get all kinds of vehicle repairs done. The only drawback to these places is the costly expense that arises with them. For instance: when a car accident has occurred, a part of the vehicle will need to either be fixed or replaced. If a part must be replaced, the auto body shop can order it for you, saving you both time and money.

Auto Body Shop Toronto Companies Repair Process

1. Vehicle arriving stage
2. Vehicle on hold, pending insurance approval, pending customer authorization
3. Vehicle approved
4. Disassemble stage
5. Framework stage
6. Mechanical stage
7. Bodywork stage
8. Refinishing stage
9. Reassembly stage
10. Highly specialised repair
11. Detailing stage
12. Vehicle is ready

Up to day information on Auto Body Shop Toronto site

The days of traditional car repair on their way out. More and more of new technology, especially the way cars’ construction is evolving, means that auto repair shops need to bring up their techniques and equipment. The increased use of aluminum in car design is a big concern. Aluminum panels were once a privilege reserved mainly for high-end performance cars; and this is expected to change. Greater number of manufacturers, such as Ford, are reported to be designing all-new aluminum-bodied vehicles. Fuel efficiency and corrosion-resistance are main advantages aluminum is offering. One kilo of aluminum can replace two kilograms of steel. In order to meet federal fuel economy and safety regulations, manufacturers will use lightweight and strong material. The body shop technicians are used to work on steel cars, but lightweight and strong aluminum requires a totally new strategy. Aluminum panels can’t be reshaped like their steel counterparts can; the panel typically needs to be changed, and in needs of change aluminum-specific riveting tools and welding equipment. These adjustments definitely increase the cost of auto body repair. But as vehicles get stronger and smarter, professionals anticipate that they’ll last longer. The new safety technology, like backup cameras and collision warning systems, translates into less frequent and less serious crashes.
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