Having car accident problems?  Not sure how and where to fix  them? Well, Auto Body Shop Toronto is certain to be of assistance.

Advantages to Deal with Auto Body Shop Toronto

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An auto body collision repair restores the structural integrity of car frames back to manufacturer specifications.
The biggest advantage to deal with Auto Body Shop Toronto is that we practice customer-centric approach that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of restoration and after it.
Auto body shop is not a new concept. In fact, they are about as old as the automobile itself. The reason it came about was that people had auto accidents. Instead of going out and purchasing new cars, they wanted their used vehicles fixed. This gave birth to auto body repair business. And, since their inception, they have provided an immeasurable service to people who cannot fix their own vehicles. What exactly is auto body shop? The places that people can get all kinds of vehicle repairs done. The only drawback to these places is the costly expense that arises with them. For instance: when
a car accident has occurred, a part of the vehicle will need to either be fixed or replaced. If a part must be replaced, the auto body shop can order it for you, saving you both time and money.

Auto Body Shop Toronto Repair Process

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1. Vehicle arriving stage
2. Vehicle on hold, pending insurance approval, pending customer authorization
3. Vehicle approved
4. Disassemble stage
5. Framework stage
6. Mechanical stage
7. Bodywork stage
8. Refinishing stage
9. Reassembly stage
10. Highly specialised repair
11. Detailing stage
12. Vehicle is ready

Car Painting Services of Auto Body Shop Toronto

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What makes our services unique comes down to two factors:Longevity and appearance of the paint. By using PPG paint system, we get
a. Superior Durability
b. Accurate, Computerized Colour Matching
c. Resistant to scratches and fading
d. Meets or exceeds your car’s original paint standards
We are also environmentally responsible company.We believe in what should be great for your car, and it’s good for the environment too.That is why we practice:
a. EPA approved Solvent Recycling System
b. High volume, low pressure spray guns reduce paint waste
c. Air filtration system
d. Spray Mask masking
auto body shop toronto life time warranty north york on m2m 4b1We also offer LIFETIME WARRANTY
Because we are so self-assured in the ability of our people and the quality of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on all the paint and finishing work we do for your vehicle.

Scratch and Dent Services of Auto Body Shop Toronto

If the lease is up or selling your car and want to maximize its value, or you just want to get rid of the little scratches or dings, we offer scratch & dent repair service. Runaway shopping carts, door dings, hail damage, golf balls dents, they will all be carefully removed, and your car will look like new in no time. Our team of technicians’ expertly and carefully will handle the problem with a special set of tools.

Car Restoration Services of Auto Body Shop Toronto

Auto Body Shop Toronto is qualified and equipped to handle every stage of any restoration.
From full body off restorations, to cosmetic upgrades and refinishing, our team will return your vehicle to original condition with a meticulous attention to details. Only after the car has been stripped, we able to see the extent of repairs required. Our company works within the task you established in the beginning and especially within a budget. We pride ourselves on building cars that work just as well as they look.
Any questions regarding the future project, please us a call.

Aluminum Body Car Repair Services of Auto Body Shop Toronto

Aluminum frame and body vehicles have an intricate system of interrelated parts.auto body shop toronto aluminum body work area north york m2m 4b1 All collisions, even minor ones, can affect areas that are distant from the place of impact. Fuel efficiency and corrosion-resistance are main advantages aluminum is offering. One kilo of aluminum can replace two kilograms of steel. In order to meet federal fuel economy and safety regulations, manufacturers will use lightweight and strong material. The body shop technicians are used to work on steel cars, but lightweight and strong aluminum requires a totally new strategy.
The science teaches us that aluminum has different properties than steel:
a. Aluminum doesn’t have metal memory like steel.
b. Aluminum panels can’t be reshaped like their steel counterparts can; the panel typically needs to be changed, and in needs of change aluminum-specific riveting tools and welding equipment.
c. Aluminum reacts to heat much differently than steel
d. Aluminum and steel don’t play well together
Aluminum repair expertise used to be limited to a few high-end collision centers.
With introduction of F150, which is America’s best-selling vehicle, with about 700,000 units sold each year, there is a huge opportunity for many car body shops to jump on board. This huge volume translates into an increased demand for qualified aluminum collision repair centers.
We are one of the few aluminum body repair shops in North York. If you have a vehicle made with aluminum, there is only one choice for its repair- Auto Body Shop Toronto.
We offer
Sources of Unibody Damage:
Inappropriate towing of an automobile
Vehicle accidents
Driving into a ditch
Hitting large hole or a curb
Rust and cracks damage
Incorrect previous repair
Running over something on the road
You need a highly trained frame repair technician to help you to correct frame and unibody damage. Frame repair personnel have a thorough knowledge of automobile metals. They also must understand hydraulic force, stress relief and have welding skills.
5 Common Car Body Repairs Excluding Car Accidents
1. Deep Paint Scratches
Why to repair deep paint scratches?
a. Annoying to look at
b. Open up your paint to future rust problems
2. Cracked Windshield
a. One of the most common causes of stress cracks is due to extreme changes in temperature.
b. Pressure changes, including wind pressure, can also cause stress cracks.
Windshields are installed with a strong adhesive. Uneven pressure can cause stress cracks.
c. Structural weakness / defects.
3. Suspension Damage
Spring is full of potholes. And if you hit one, the damage will depend on the depth of the pothole, your speed and the air pressure in your tire. Cost could be subject to the extent of damage, the make, model and year of the car.
4. Damage Caused by Weather
a. Ice pellets and hail can create a big damage once they fall onto the roof or hood of a car.
Especially, bigger pieces of hail could produce noticeable dents.
b. blustery winds are usual culprit of vehicle damage.
5. Damage Caused by Negligence
A general common cause of auto body damage is negligence.
a. Dings in a car doors caused by another vehicle’s door opening up
b. Bumping into cars in crowded parking lots
c. Abandoned shopping carts in busy parking lots
d. Low Speed Fender bender
Top Three Issues Having the Largest Impact on Auto Body Repair Business

Remember Your Rights
1. Your insurance cannot force you to repair your vehicle in a particular shop.
2. You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice.
3. You have the right to obtain multiple estimates or appraisals.
4. Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all necessary work.
5. You have the right to bring your car to any auto body shop of your choice and have it inspected by the insurance.
6. Preserve your car’s value and safety by having it repaired professionally.
7. Choose a shop that has uni-body equipment and certified technicians.
8. You have the right to know whether the shop will use genuine manufacturer replacement parts or aftermarket.
9. As to warranties, remember that insurance companies do not guarantee the repairs. Only the auto body shop may offer the guarantee.

Auto Body Shop Toronto is looking into the future

The days of traditional car repair on their way out. More and more of new technology, especially the way cars’ construction is evolving, means that auto repair shops need to bring up their techniques and equipment. The increased use of aluminum in car design is a big concern. These adjustments definitely increase the cost of auto body repair. But as vehicles get stronger and smarter, professionals anticipate that they’ll last longer.
Below is what future holds for automotive industry:
a. Reconfigurable Body Panels. A truck and SUV in one vehicle.
b. Recyclable cars. Auto manufacturers of the future will use 100% recycled polymers in place of virgin polymers, with the goal of lowering the vehicle’s total life-cycle carbon footprint.
c. The next generation of luxury cars will feature a new advanced space frame with a unique mix of four materials: aluminium, steel, magnesium and CFRP.
d. Car companies working on manufacturing process to overcome the high cost and limited availability of carbon fibre, while developing a viable, high-volume manufacturing process.
The new safety technology like
a. Electronics Stability Control (ESC) helps to avoid a crash by significantly reducing the risk of your car going into a skid during a sudden emergency manoeuvre such as avoiding an obstacle in front of you
b. Warning and Emergency Braking Systems detect at an early stage the danger of an accident with the vehicle in front of you
c. Blind Spot Monitoring helps you avoid a crash with a vehicle in the lane next to you by continuously screening the blind spots to the side of your vehicle
d. Lane Support Systems can assist and warn you when you unintentionally leave the road lane or when you change lanes without indication
e. Roll over protection
New technology has been developed to allow vehicles to prevent rollover translates into less frequent and less serious crashes.
Management of Auto Body Shop Toronto is confident that our team of quality technicians will be well equipped to handle future demands.
Guaranteed for Life: Our company so confident that we are your best choice for auto body repair in Toronto, we offer a lifetime warranty on all the work we do for you.