If you’re looking to restore or customize your vehicle to an original mint condition in Toronto; getting the car restoration done right and without high cost-Auto Body Shop Toronto could make your dream a reality.

We Make Car Restoration Easy And On Budget

Are you intimidated by the task of car restoration? Scared of spending money and not restoring to your satisfaction? Don’t worry, you are in good hands.
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Our shop has been refurbishing and fixing automobiles in Toronto for over 20 years. Our vehicle refurbishing and restoration work is truly second to none in the city, having restored many cars from the almost junks and transforming them into attractive and functional automotive art pieces.
For those that are serious about the car you drive, look no further than the classics for that ultimate rush. No modern car can match the elegance and muscle of the classics, which is why they are so in demand, and the supply chain fluctuates on a regular basis. The next time you see the car of your dream, instead of buying it, why not build it? It can be as easy as going to an expert and asking for help with the restoration process.
What we offer:
• Auto body restoration
• Car painting
• Car upholstery restoration

Contemplating The Best Car Restoration Toronto Has to offer?

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Outlined below are the best car restoration Toronto services we provide:
Auto Body Restoration
Below is a detailed step by step process to take to restore your ride for a satisfactory experience.
1) Evaluation
There are cases where it will be necessary to get parts from one or two donor vehicles to bring your car to its former glory. It therefore means you get a thorough an evaluation (Vehicle Inspection Package) of the mechanical and physical state of your car before restoration starts.
2) Disassembly
After getting the go-ahead to restore your precious car, we disassemble into four parts: Front End Part, The Interior Part, Rear End, and The Undercarriage Part.
After disassembling, we package and store each parts in boxes and take pictures, for easy identification and reference.
3) Diagnosis and Repair
After the disassembly process, we run diagnosis to know whether to do acid dipping or soda blasting or even a combination of the two, to remove body filler, paint and rust.
Then, we work on the body panel to give it an overhaul. In all steps we take, we make sure to prevent rust from happening by applying proper measures such as use of fiberglass on welded parts of the vehicle, and using a vinyl wash product (acting as etching agent) for priming.
4) Body Fitting and Cleaning
After all body or metal work has been done, we proceed to check for gaps and give pre-fitting to all parts.
And before painting starts, we do a thorough cleaning, to remove dust particles, sand and other impurities that must have been acquired during the bodywork.
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To get the fresh look for your vehicle, consider using the best vehicle paint. You could either have it repainted to a manufacturer like finish just like it was rolled off out of the assembly line or even give it a better look than new ones.
Whether you choose to give your car 100% factory original mint look or have it customized to better than new, the paints to make this come true are readily available. Get in touch with us, we would make your dream turn to a reality.
Interior Restoration
Ultimately, you need to repair car seat leather and other interior components like the flooring. Car experts have recommended the use of custom leather car upholstery to give the best experience.
It’s likely to spot signs of mold in your old car’s interior. These are practically easy to remove from the interior of cars with the help of natural cabin cleaning products, upholstery and rug cleaner. You just apply the product to the mold and only scrub away with a cloth. The presence of mold could indicate that your car’s cabin isn’t watertight, and thus you need to see to this, to prevent future occurrence.
Though car upholstery cost is on the high side in Toronto; Auto Body Shop car paint restoration are cost effective and works with all budget.

Why Choose Auto Body Shop Toronto for Car Restoration

If you’ve always asked, are there upholstery for cars near me or any reliable car interior shop near me? You must also have wondered, is there a classic car body shop near me?
Look no further. Auto Body Shop Toronto has established experience of car upholstery and car restoration Ontario services that do not cost much, delivered in the highest standards.
Auto Body Shop Toronto is a full service auto body repair and restoration shop. We have the expertise to bring your car back to its original state.
For more information on how to get appealing and strong upholstery, car aesthetics upgrade, full body-off restoration and auto body paint, contact us today.