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Auto Repair Toronto is the Way to Fix Your Vehicle

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The biggest advantage to deal with Auto Repair Toronto is that we practice customer-centric approach that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of repair and after it.
According to Auto Repair Toronto, basic vehicle maintenance is the utmost important things you can do for your vehicle. As our pamphlet saying, servicing and maintaining parts and systems on a regular basis is the vital part to car longevity.
Our management knows that car repair business in Toronto is very competitive and we do everything possible to create customer experience and feel welcome, happy and satisfied with your service expectation. Our goal is to help you to keep the vehicle in top condition. We invite you to come over for all your auto repair and maintenance needs and enjoy the hassle-free expert service.
Out team strives to provide perfect service to our customers. Our clients recognise that our fast, reliable and friendly service is what sets us apart from the competition. We determined to provide the highest quality service. We, also, are confident that our quality will ease your worries and our technicians will go extra mile to put you on the road as soon as possible.

Auto Repair Toronto Vehicle Maintenance that Prolongs Vehicle Life

1. Change the engine oil
2. Replacement the oil filter
3. Replacement the air filter
4. Replacement the fuel filter
5. Replacement the cabin filter
6. Replacement the spark plugs
7. Tune the engine
8. Check level and refill brake fluid/clutch fluid
9. Check Brake Pads/Liners, Brake Discs/Drums, and replace if worn out.
10. Check level and refill power steering fluid
11. Check level and refill Automatic/Manual Transmission Fluid
12. Grease and lubricate components
13. Inspection and replacement the timing belt or timing chain
14. Check condition of the tires
15. Check for proper operation of all lights, wipers etc.
16. Check up any ECU Error codes and take corrective action
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Top 5 Most Common Repairs in an Auto Repair Shops

First most common repair is an oil change:
An important part of every vehicle’s maintenance is an oil change. It keeps a car in its best possible running condition. Of course, over time, build-up of dirt and metal filings in a car’s oil, makes it less effective at lubricating the engine. Systematic oil changes lengthen the life of the engine itself.
Second most common repair is a brake job:
Properly working brakes are essential part in automobile experience. Mechanics in auto industry know that effectively repairing brakes is a vital task. A failure to stop a vehicle or give a way is a source of nearly one quarter of all car accidents, resulting in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of serious injuries per year.
Third most common repair is replacing spark plugs:
Spark plugs delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of an engine to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture. They are responsible for starting a car’s cylinders. According to Auto Body Shop Toronto, many car owners try to replace these vital ignition parts themselves. If these replacements are done poorly, it causes plummeting gas mileage and melting expensive catalytic converters. A mechanic with proper tools should change the spark plugs and owners still can save money in the long run. Our company guaranty proper instillation and you be certain that such auto repairs meet industry standards.
Fourth most common repair is checking tires:
The tire is the only part of the car that actually touches the road and makes the car accelerate, stop, and turn. Tire patches or complete replacements are everyday job in most professional body shops. Car owners must remember that over inflated and under inflated tires could lead to blowouts, causing major accidents on the road.
Fifth most common repair is fixing vehicle fuel injector problems:
Fuel injection system issues are the main culprits for poor fuel economy, rough idling, misfiring engines and gas leaks and often clogs in the injector itself. Vehicles that are consistently driven at less than ¼ of a tank of gas have higher probability of injectors becoming clogged.
4 Recommendations from Auto Body Shop Toronto to make your car LAST FOREVER
• Start up slowly
• Listen for strange noises
• Drive calmly
• Make maintenance a priority
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Main Role of the Auto Repair Toronto is to Diagnose the Problem Accurately and Fix Quickly

By General Repair, Auto Repair Toronto contemplates many different parts of your vehicle. General repair can consist of areas such as fuel injection system and clutch/driveline repairs, the checking engine light, the vehicle running rough (vibrating, shaking or strange noises). General repair depends on the car’s make, model, and any other problems. We repair most of makes and models. We can handle all of your car care needs.
Auto Repair Toronto goes to great length to explain every job and constantly offers an estimate in advance.
auto repair toronto brake service north york on m2m 4b1Government statistics established that the leading reason of traffic accidents is brake failure. Malfunctioning brakes endanger not only yourself, but every other motorist and pedestrian around you as well. Be on safe side: don’t wait for an obvious warning signs. The maintenance should be at least done every year by a qualified mechanic.
Our Brake System Service includes (inclusive, but not limited to):
– Pad Replacement – Emergency Brakes Service
– Lining Replacement – Brake Drums Service
– Hose Replacement – Power Boosters
You are in control. In the beginning, our team will explain what choice of parts you have. And of course, better grade of materials may be one of the best bargains around. They will last longer and perform better than standard grades.
auto repair toronto steering service north york on m2m 4b1It is generally acceptable that the glitches in car steering systems are not only affect vehicle safety, but also could make vehicles challenging to drive and affects any resale value. Most vehicles will develop a problem in the steering systems at some point. Is your vehicle leaning to the right of its own accord? Do you have a hard time to turn? Do you feel an ominous vibration while driving at high speed?
Below are the most common steering problems:
Vibration/Shimmy/Shake When Driving
Electric Steering
Stiff Steering on One Side Only
Constantly Stiff Hydraulic Steering (Low Assist)
Leaks on the Driveway or Parking Space
Intermittently Stiff Hydraulic Steering
Steering Wheel off Center
Hydraulic Steering Not Returning to Center after a Turn
Steering That Pulls or Drifts
If you experience above problems, you might want to consider taking your vehicle in to Auto Repair Toronto’s garage to take advantage of our steering repair services.
auto repair toronto suspension service north york on m2m 4b1Engine of a vehicle, wheels, transmission, and of course drive shaft are all parts of a drivetrain. When one of these components starts to fail or to malfunction, it can have a dramatic effect on any car’s performance.
Signs of an ailing drivetrain include:
1. Rumbling, grinding, or whining noises as you drive
2. Sudden vibrations when you shift gears
3. Transmission fluid leaks
4. Transmission fluid that smells acrid or looks muddy
Vehicle’s suspension system is considered a portion of your drivetrain as well. It is an essential part to any car’s functionality. Normal car creates tremendous forces, vibrations, and inertia. In order any vehicle’s frame to properly withstand them, it must be exceptionally balanced.
A suspension system provides this balance and ensures the smooth, efficient operation of a car.
auto repair toronto engine service north york on m2m 4b1Every driver knows that an engine is a heart of a car. If it malfunctions, it is only a matter of time before you find yourself calling for help or toll truck to bring in to a garage. Vehicles built from 1996 have been equipped with OBDS (on board diagnostics system) that monitors engine performance. After the “check engine” or “service engine” lights are on, the next step of every car owner should be to seek out an engine diagnostic service or an engine tune-up. Regular engine tune-ups are necessary to optimize engine performance. A tune-up is also one of the most effective ways to prevent unexpected engine trouble.
Book appointment by calling Auto Repair Toronto.
Symptoms your vehicle needs an antifreeze/coolant flush:
1. Temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
2. Antifreeze/coolant pooling under the vehicle
3. Grinding sounds coming from the engine area
4. Visible rust and/or scaling in the antifreeze/coolant
5. Steam and/or hot maple syrup-like smell coming from under the hood
It is time to visit Auto Repair Toronto
Auto Repair Toronto offers a bit less greasy and a bit geekier way
Today, automobiles possess complex computer and electronic systems. According to Auto Repair Toronto, car repair job has progressed from purely mechanical to include electronic technology. Computers becomes one of the most valuable tools. That is why, car repair shops constantly need to keep up with the way cars are designed and built. New technology making diagnosis and repair faster, but no cheaper for consumers. Unfortunately, garage owners have to invest a great deal of money to stay in business and those costs are passed along car owner.
Statistic Chart Reasons For No Longer Using a Repair Shop