5 Tips to File Consumer Complaints against Auto Body Shop Companies

5 Tips to File Consumer Complaints against Auto Body Shop Companies

Do you know that vehicle repair is regulated provincially? Make sure before you deal with an auto body shop, you need to know your rights to ensure the best possible quality service.
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5 Tips To Learn To File Consumer Complaints Against Auto Body Shop

There are cases where even doing your homework on auto body shops doesn’t lead to a good conclusion. You may have done your homework on mechanics, reviewed the feedback and learned how they’ll fix your car, but the collision repair job isn’t done to your expectations.
If you feel there is a legitimate reason for your concern, you have the option to filing a consumer complaints against a repair shop. You can either have them look at the problem again free of charge or have your money returned to you.
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  • Call your insurance company, especially if they’re the ones who picked the auto body shop. You could have some type of protection through your company.
  • Before making a claim, talk with the collision repair shop. Learn if they have any warranties. Even if they don’t provide them, they may be willing to correct the problem, especially if they think you’ll sue them.
  • Make your consumer complaints to Better Business Bureau, which acts as a middleman between customers and businesses such as you and the collision repair shop. A filing with the BBB tends to increase the speed in which a resolution is developed.
  • Call the National Auto Body Council and speak with a representative. There is no middle man with the NABC but it can provide you with data on how to file a complaint against an auto repair shop including people or agencies you need to contact and how to deal with things while the matter is being resolved.
  • Make a formal consumer complaints in Small Claims Court if you made the payment from your wallet, instead of going through your car insurance company. Before you go this route, though, be sure the dispute you have against the company is larger than the filing fees. Would it be worth it financially to go this route?

    Know How To File Consumer Complaints Against Auto Body Shop is a strong deterrent to wicked business practices

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