Explore Our Car Safety Tips

Explore Our Car Safety Tips

Nowadays people drive much safer cars on good quality roads. Government and public campaigns made most of us safer drivers. Improvements in technology will continue to help to reduce accidents down. Specially, when drivers follow car safety tips.Remember: car safety is your safety.

Car Safety Tips Are One of The Best Way to Decrease Traffic Fatalities

Auto Body Shop Toronto agrees as well, that it’s a good idea to evaluate some basic rules for safe driving. First and most important: use your seat belt, wear it properly, because seatbelt save lives. Do not distract yourself while traveling. Do not put on make-ups, read, texting while on the road. Concentrate on the driving only. Most states and provinces banned the use of cellphones while using a car. And of course – a speed. Don’t be addicted to fast driving. Average trip across the town, while speeding even 10 km faster is only save you a few minutes – but increasing the risk of accident by as much as 50%.
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Take your time and follow posted speed limits. Drive in the same lane closest to the center, when travelling in an unknown area. Use busy, well-lighted streets. And while traveling a regular everyday road, make sure you familiarize with businesses that stay open late in the event of emergency. Have some money in the car for a taxi, bus fare or telephone call. Auto Body Shop Toronto recommends, if you’ve been drinking, ask someone for a ride or call a cab or make sure you have a designated driver. Alcohol causes a number of impairments that lead to car accidents.

  • Keep a safe distance. Leave enough space between your car and the one ahead of you. Everybody needs enough time to react if the car ahead of him/her makes a sudden turn or stop. Some experts recommend a “three-second rule”.
  • Don’t drive being drowsy. A sleeping driver will eventually make an accident. At highway speed, tiredness leads to a disaster.
  • In hazardous conditions like heavy rain, fog, snow or icy roads be extra cautious. Drive below the speed, keep extra space between you and the car ahead. Be extremely careful around curves.

Car Safety Tips Requires to Keep Your Automobile in Good Working Condition

Good working condition is a must and the gas tank at least half full.It is a good idea to keep the doors locked and windows up. Your car must have a first aid kit, flashlight, maps, fire extinguisher, empty gas can and a cell phone. Exercise extra caution in unfamiliar area at traffic lights, permit distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you in order to drive away if necessity arise. Watch someone approaches your vehicle and trying to enter, blow the horn right away to bring attention and leave as fast as possible. Car safety tips suggest to never open your window if someone asking for directions or time.

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