Learn Your Car Body Repair from Start to Finish

Learn Your Car Body Repair from Start to Finish

When you bring vehicle to repair, according to government sources, there are fourteen steps involved with repairing it. Every step must be carried out completely, ensuring the vehicle has been repaired to its pre-accident condition.

Scheduling Car Body Repair

In order to start car body repair, customers have to do one of two things: drop the vehicle off at the auto body shop or call it and talk to a qualified estimator. The information the place collects includes:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Claim number
  • E-mail address (if applicable)

In this stage (and if the customer already dropped off the automobile), pictures will be taken of the vehicle, parts will be obtained and arrangements made for other transportation, if needed.

Vehicle Arrived for Car Body Repair

This means the customer drove the vehicle to collision centre and dropped it off. Or, a tow truck brought the vehicle into the shop because it’s not driveable. Should tow truck bring the vehicle for car body repair, customer service will call the registered owner and secure the vehicle.

Vehicle On Hold for Car Body Repair

During this stage, the vehicle is not being repaired for various reasons:

  • Pending insurance company approval
  • Customer approval
  • Potential total loss
  • Back-ordered parts

After the above steps are met, repairs can be made.

Vehicle Approved for Car Body Repair

In this stage, approval was given to start the repairs – either by the insurance company or the owner.

Disassemble Stage

car body repair disassemble auto body shop Toronto north York on
The vehicle will be disassembled in the damaged area to uncover any potential hidden problems. All car parts that need accessing will be removed, photographed and sent to the appropriate party for approval. During this stage, the whole repair process is blue printed.
Vehicles in this stage are put on frame straightening equipment to carry out the necessary structural repair. Measurements are compared to the central data repository specification, which are provided by original manufacturers. The assessment will generate a damage analysis to see if the car accident caused the vehicle’s body to twist. The frame straightening equipment will make the repairs necessary to fix the damaged area. Once the repair is made, a second three-dimensional digital look is done to ensure the frame meets the specifications of the manufacturer.
Mechanical Stage of Car Body Repair
In this stage, vehicles undergo the mechanical repairs. Mechanical car body repair consist of any mechanical part that does not involve the frame structure. These auto repairs can include the vehicle’s exhaust, wheel alignment, brakes and suspensions, electrical, etc.
Bodywork for Car Body Repair
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Vehicles in this stage get repairs done to their body surface. This can include:

  • Plastic repair
  • Trim repair
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Glass repair
  • Polyester surface treatment

Surfaces will be repaired so they meet the specifications the factory laid out. Panels will be treated with rust proofing. When a panel is beyond repair, it’ll be replaced. An auto body shop has a lifetime guarantee is stated for all body surface repairs.
In this stage, the vehicle is being repainted. Areas needing repaired will be prepped and washed down with a chemical to eliminate surface contaminates. The area will be sanded and prepared to generate the appropriate surface bond for the paint.
The vehicle be masked and prepped for the painting process. An electronic scale will mix the colors to meet the factory color code. This mixture is then sprayed onto a card and compared to the vehicle’s actual color to ensure they look alike. A clear coat/base coat of Dupont water-born product is applied to the vehicle.
Should the area being repaired be next to a panel, the panel is set to be blended, meaning there is a partial coloring of the panel to produce a fade-in effect that enhances the visual effect. An auto body shop painting jobs should offer a lifetime guarantee to the procedure to ensure the process goes quickly and efficiently.
In this stage, according to Auto Body Shop Toronto, the vehicle is put back together. All undamaged and repaired/replaced parts are assembled onto the car. Every part will be inspected to ensure functionality. Fluids will be replaced. This stage means the vehicle is back to its pre-accident condition.
Sublet Repair
With this stage, a vehicle may have been looked at by a specialist or sent to a specialty shop to complete a repair; although this isn’t always the case since most procedures are completed on site. These types of repairs are made when high-specialized repairs are necessary. Whenever a car body shop works with sublet vendors, they choose only the best vendors with superior qualifications in their repair field to work with. These sublet specialty repairs include:

  • Interior vinyl and leather repair
  • Windshield replacements
  • Convertible top replacements
  • Aluminum rim repair

Detailing Stage
During this stage, the vehicle is detailed, which includes the removing of dust that is the result of the car repairs. The inside of the vehicle will be completely cleaned. A polish is included to boost the paint’s shine. The outside of the vehicle is cleaned and power washed. This means the automobile is now back to its pre-accident condition. The auto body shop will do a quality check of the vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should, although the checks are done throughout the repair process.
Vehicle is Ready
The vehicle is ready for pick up. Car body repair have been made and inspected. Paperwork has been gathered for the customer’s signature. Repair costs or deductibles can be paid with cash or credit/debit.
Vehicle Delivered
A car in the stage “Vehicle Delivered” has been given back to the customer or the customer picked up the vehicle.

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