The Insider’s Guide How to Find a Car Accident Doctor in North York

The Insider’s Guide How to Find a Car Accident Doctor in North York

Preliminary 2016 Ontario Road Safety Annual Report of Persons Injured 49,601

Severity of Injury in Car Accidents and Personal Injury

Driver/Passenger/Pedestrian/Bicyclist/Motorcyclist/OtherMinimal InjuryMinor InjuryMajor InjuryTotal

Typical Toronto Car Accident Injuries
Head and Brain Injuries
Neck and Back Injuries
Burn Injuries
Soft Tissue Injuries
Spinal Injuries
Broken Bones

Remember: Medical Records Determine the Value of Your Claim After You Choose Car Accident Doctor

During your lifetime you might get involved in a car accident at least once. If you are injured and would like to see a car accident doctor, there are few things that you need to be aware. It’s vital to go to the right injury specialist and even more essential to avoid the wrong one.
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As a rule, do not bank on your principal care physician. Auto accident injuries are not their area of their expertise. But Auto Body Shop Toronto suggests that after an auto accident you should call your primary care doctor. They probably will tell you to see a specialist and explain how to find one after a car crash in North York that can treat your specific problems.
Your medical records will be one of the most important parts of defining the value of your claim. Once an application is made,a insurance company will read your medical records. Based on what your history say, they will set a value for your claim.
Your regular medical chart probably has one or two things the doctor wrote by hand about what you told him/her was bothering you. Or with electronic medical records, (which you almost never get to see) it has check boxes and short sentences about your conditions. This is what will be used to value your case.
Can you envisage for a second if the records say “patient has neck stiffness, headaches and numbness in the right arm. Proscribed Flexeril, and rest.”
The insurance company will delighted to set a value for your claim based upon this limited data. They know that finding a doctor after a car accident isn’t common knowledge and many people make this mistake.
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities and Injuries Statistics: 2015
Blue-Fatalities Red-Serious Injuries Yellow-Injuries

We Recommend to Find Specific Car Accident Doctor

But the specialists as orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, chiropractors, or any other qualified injury doctors usually write in their records more detailed and professional information after a car accident in North York.
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• Will be included full history of what happened to you in the accident
• Will be included detailed history about any pre-existing injuries or conditions you may have
• It will list numerous types of medical tests they performed such as range of motion, nerve compression tests
• Will be included if to order specialized MRI’s, X-rays, digital motion X-rays
• As well prescriptions to physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation
• Also they could sent you to other specialists who may evaluate you for surgery, or pain management
• The process key information about what caused these injuries, and if it aggravated your pre-existing ills
• As well they explain whether your injuries are “permanent” or not, and whether you will have them for the rest of your life or not
• Also they evaluate what your future medical needs will be for the rest of your life
• They will define the Impairment ratings: what effect your injuries will have on your ability to work, enjoy life, or perform daily activities
With all of this detailed information about how car crash has caused you: harms, losses and injuries, the insurance company will be able to justify paying you much more for your suffering. All of the important details have been documented in writing for them to see.
But regrettably, no matter how great your primary care physician is, they are not equipped to document your medical problems with the detail and specifics that are so important for an insurance claim.
Summary on Choosing the Best Doctors after a Car Accident
1. Do not delay to find a specialist – start immediately
2. Do not rely on your primary care doctor
3. Sidestep doctors from Legal Referral Services
4. Find a specialist that treats your specific types of injuries
5. Make sure the doctor aware how personal injury cases work
6. Tell all to your doctors about any and all of your current and previous injuries or conditions
7. Get treatments recurrently with your specialist until you reach MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement)

Tips to Find a Car Accident Doctor in North York

Very critical to find a car accident doctor who specializes in treating your specific type of impairment and who understands the importance of documentation of causes and long-term effects of your injuries in your medical records.
Sidestep people that work with legal referral services. They typically specialize in consuming up your insurance benefits more than concentrating on treating your injuries.
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Also, they will lessen the cases value and steal your PIP insurance.
As a rule, these referral services tend to have a bad name with the insurance industry. Once your medical records originate from these injury mills, the insurance company will likely offer you less money. This is because they just don’t believe all of the stuff.
If your case has to go to trial, you can be assured, the insurance defense lawyer will make a big deal about your doctor working for these injury mills.
Auto Body Shop Toronto, also, recommends to tell your injury doctors about all previous ills or conditions from the past. Hiding pre-existing injuries will hurt your credibility and recovery. The danger of not telling car accident doctors or insurance companies about previous injuries will make you out to be a liar.
Insurance companies will say that you cannot be trusted. They will also push idea that you are trying to manipulate your doctor by holding back that you had a prior complaint 15 years ago about your neck or whatever happened to body shop toronto infographic common injuries by car accidents north york on m2m 4b1
So to find a good injury doctor:
1. Research with family and friends
2. Talk to your family doctor
3. Ask your car accident attorney
4. Most important –Google it for reviews
Auto Body Shop Toronto, usually, recommends all the time: don’t be frightened of a pre-existing condition. You should boast about them. Almost everyone has some sort of pre-existing history. Patients with pre-existing injuries are easier to injure and harder to heal.
Very important to find a doctor who specializes in treating your specific type of injury and who understands the importance of documentation of causes and long-term effects of your injuries in your medical records.

Importance of Treatments with Your Car Accident Doctor

Make sure to keep all of your appointments because you don’t want any gaps in treatment. Sure, in the beginning, you were thinking that you are okay, that you are fine, that the aches and pains would go away. But, unfortunately, they do not. Adrenaline after a car accident can mask injuries. Gaps in treatment decrease the value of your claim and chances of recovering from injuries. Insurance companies will suggest that you were injured somewhere else, not from this car accident. Gaps in treatment will destroy your claim. If you don’t take treatments, you just not hurt.
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Make sure to save all empty and over-the-counter pill bottles. They are a great proof of how the suffering affected you.
It, also, helps a lot your personal injury attorney with your case if it goes to trial. The amount of medications you consume over time for an injury is significant indication to show a jury.
Some personal injury lawyers in North York, in many cases, will employ vocational experts whose job it is to clarify how injuries have affected your ability to work in the past and more importantly in the future. These people are usually Ph.D.s who have concentrated their work on gauging work capacity and the losses associated with injuries.
Car accident doctors and a vocational experts will calculate your total losses.
Auto Body Shop Toronto is confident that the quality of your doctors has a significant effect on the value of your injury case. Doctors’ care and treatment as well as the documentation will to assist you and your injury case.
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