One of the most awful experience a driver can go through is a Toronto car accident. Despite all training and education, car crashes are an inevitable part of life. When it comes to being in an auto collision, it’s important for people to know what to do, regardless of who’s at fault.


1. Be certain that police statement is correct and mirrors your description of car collision. If you find discrepancies, instantly call or visit law enforcement authorities and make sure your account is appear on the official police report.
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2. Be advised to take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other ones involved in the traffic crash.
3. It is your duty to inform your insurance that the other driver who caused the accident is uninsured.
You need to let your insurance company know about the accident so that a claim can be filed. The majority of insurance companies have 24/7 staff on hand to assist you right away. The law demands that you have proof of insurance in the vehicle or on your person at all times.
Your insurance company will want to know the collision details – property/vehicle damage and any injuries. If you don’t tell them about the accident right away, you may find it a bit harder to have the claim processed. If valid, the insurance company will need to settle within the stated time frame.
It’s important to remember that police are not the ones who determine who’s liable for the accident. This is up to the insurance companies. If there are charges involved, it doesn’t mean a person is automatically liable for the accident.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you call your insurance company about the car accident, send a letter that outlines your claim’s details.
You should also know what your coverage limits are. If you’re unsure of what coverage you have, ask your insurance company. Many of them will connect you with a trained claim adviser to assist you during this trying time.
4. You have to be aware that there are regulations that recognize that some people have had prior accidents or medical conditions and treat these cases accordingly.
It is your obligation to make certain that the treating doctors are aware about prior accidents and any symptoms you had experienced before this car crash.
Law stipulates that under certain conditions the offender will be responsible for the full extent of your injuries and losses.
5. As a rule, your broker instantly has to inform the auto insurance company (No-Fault Insurance) and to complete an application for Personal Injury Protection benefits (PIP). The medical charges will be paid by them.
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6. First and foremost, only openness and truthfulness with your car accident doctor, insurance company, car accident lawyer and law enforcement personnel will guarantee success. People not familiar with the system can mistakenly commit insurance fraud.
7. If there is traffic accident fatality, immediately steps must be taken to preserve valuable evidence and to act as a liaison with police.
8. As a rule of the land- do not sign any documents from the at-fault insurance company until you check with your car accident lawyer.
9. Be aware -opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters will investigate all of your social media accounts to find any content that can help them avoid taking responsibility for the negligence or action that caused your injury.
10. As a matter of fact, insurance companies – whether yours or the one on behalf of the driver at fault – could order investigation and hire private eye to take photos and videos of you. Your case will be weakened, if you’re caught doing something that you claim you cannot do.
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11. Never talk to an opposing personal injury lawyer or insurance adjuster. Have them contact your attorney instead.
12. Your car accident attorney has to know everything. If your physician refers you to a new doctor, or sends you to take a new test, call your lawyer right away.
Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: 2015
Source Transport Canada

4 Things Not To Do After Car Accident

When it comes to auto collision, there are four things you must never do.
Don’t take any money or talk about a settlement.
Don’t agree to let the collision “go away”.
Don’t pay for damages at the accident scene.
Don’t take responsibility or sign documents admitting fault for the accident.

4 Things To Do After Car Accident

See your doctor right away. If you are taken by ambulance to a hospital, have the doctor on call assess you for injuries.
Have the police file an injury accident report
Fill out a “Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim” form and keep a copy for your records. Send original forms to the insurance company (make sure you sign them). If you cannot sign and send the form within a specified time frame, let your insurance company know the reason and send them on. If you have questions about this form, your benefits and entire process, contact your insurance company or claims adjuster.
The insurance company will look over the form and tell you what benefits you can get after the accident. If additional information is needed, they will get in touch with you.


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1.Distracted Driving
As per statistic, distracted drivers are the top cause of car accidents in North America today. Distracted driving is the most life-threatening behaviour on our roads. A motorist who talks on a cell phone, sends a text message or eats food is in danger to make a car crash. It, also, leads to physical injuries, health expenses, property damage, and rising insurance costs.
There are 3 types of distraction:
a. Visual (eyes off road)
b. Manual (hands off wheel)
c.Cognitive (mind off driving)
Texting while driving involves all 3 types of distraction.
Operate a car on country roads requires our full attention at all times. Smallest distraction, though acceptable in a driver’s mind, could suddenly lead to tragedy and alter lives forever. Distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to cause accidents.

6 out of 10 Teen Crashes Involve Driver Distraction

Interacting with one or more
Using cellphone12%
Looking at something in the vehicle10%
Looking at something outside the vehicle9%
Singing/Dancing to music8%
Reaching for an object6%
The most common forms of distraction leading to a teen driver crash
2. Speeding
As per statistic, the travel above the speed limit is another top reason and an easy way to cause Toronto car accident. Driving fast will slow reaction time to prevent an auto crash.
3. Drunk Driving
As per statistic, the alcohol causes car accidents. Accounts for nearly twenty nine percent of all traffic-related deaths. Driving under the influence is prohibited.Drunk drivers are 7 times more likely to cause accident.
Annual Alcohol Impaired Driving Episodes 1993–2014

4. Running Stop Signs
As per statistic, stop sign is the obey sign. It should never be ignored, but when it is, serious car accidents are often the result.
5. Running Red Lights
As per statistic, red light is another obey sign. It means to stop and not doing so usually leads to t-bone crashes. One driver crashes into the side of another vehicle, major injuries are often the result. Drivers that run red lights are harsh prosecuted.
6. Reckless Driving
As per statistic, drivers who speed, change lanes too quickly or tailgate end up causing a car accident
7. Rain
As per statistic, the rain is the cause of numerous car accidents. It happens very often in the rain because water creates slick and dangerous surfaces. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles spin out of control or skid while braking.
8. Night Driving
As per statistic, driving at night nearly doubles the risk of a car accident occurrence. Reduction of vision increases chances of traffic mishap.
9. Teenage Drivers
As per statistic, young drivers aren’t habitually identified for their caution. Lack of experience ends up causing car accidents.
10. Inappropriate Turns
As per statistic, if drivers ignore the rules of the road, car accidents are often the result.
11. Wrong Way Driving
As per statistic, another way to increase chances of car accident is to go the wrong way creating head-on collision. It occurs when one vehicle collides headfirst with another one. These crashes can cause severe and fatal injuries.
12. Tailgating
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As per statistic, driving so close to another car is a tailgating. It is prohibited by the law. Many fatal car accidents have occurred because of that. Motorist dangerously close to another driver at high speed.
13. Design Defects
As per statistic, vehicles are very complicated engineering marvel and have hundreds of parts. Any of those parts could be defective and cause a serious car accident.
14. Unsafe Lane Changes
As per statistic, a car accident could be created by car driver who doesn’t make safe lane changes properly.
15. Ice and Snow
As per statistic, ice and snow are a major cause of car accidents for part of the country with cold weather temperatures. Snow’s dangerous mixture of ice and water creates a dangerous recipe for vehicles accidents.
16. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
As per statistic, drugs and alcohol, equally legal and illegal, will impair driver’s ability to function as a driver. Getting behind the wheel can create a serious car accident.
17. Road Rage
As per statistic, once in a while, motorists have been mad at another driver for different reasons.
But for some, their infuriation has overwhelmed them. By tailgating another motorist in anger or speeding past another car only to pull in front of them and brake, creates car accident.
18. Potholes
As per statistic, while driving over potholes, there is a chance of losing control of the vehicle or blowing out a tire which leads to a car accident.They are especially dangerous for bigger automobiles like semi-trucks.
19. Drowsy Driving
As per statistic, driver fatigue isn’t talked about a lot. Most of the car accidents caused by drowsy driving occur at night.
20. Fog
As per statistic, fog creates a very tough conditions to the road and to see more than a car length in front of automobile just impossible.
21. Deadly Curves
As per statistic, drivers should exercise extreme caution approaching a curve. It is very easy to lose control of a car along a dangerous curve and live as well.
22. Street Racing
As per statistic, street racing is an underground culture of fast cars and deadly car accidents. Cars often reach very high speeds during a street race, making any resulting car accident much more dangerous and unlikely to yield any survivors.
23. Animal Crossings
As per statistic, once in the rural area with wild animals crossing signs, it’s up to you to make sure that you don’t get into a car accident with them. Keep great caution and use automobile’s high beams when traveling in woody areas.
Men vs. Women in Car Accidents
There is a perception that women are bad drivers, but statistic shows otherwise. Women are involved in less car accidents than men.
As of 2016 statistic, men caused 6.1 m accidents per year compared to women 4.4 m.
Many medical scientists believe that the hormones have something to do with it and are a major influencers on our attitudes and skills while us driving.
These scientists suspect that testosterone stimulates male drivers to drive more aggressively, creating more serious car accidents.
Backed up by statistics, men are also believed to have more risk taking behaviour than women has. Also, they account for 80% of speeding fines in the UK. Research carried out by road safety charity Brake has revealed some more irresponsible driving practices carried out by men.Lack of testosterone in women, on the other hand, makes them to be less spatially aware then men. That is why they are less adept at parking and more likely to be involved in a low-impact car accident while carrying out a manoeuvre.
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1.Do you know that talking on a cell phone while driving, increasing driver’s chance of being in an accident by four hundred percent? By turning off cell phone, you doing a big favor to yourself.
2.Do you know that the average text message takes four point six seconds to write and send? While travelling at 55 miles per hour, that would take your eyes off the road long enough to drive the length of a football field.
3.Do you know that the time it took you to read this list there have been four car accidents? Statistics show that car accidents that involve injury occur every fourteen seconds and every twelve minutes a car accident will be fatal.
4.Do you know that forty percent of all fatal accidents involve alcohol?
5.Do you know that automobile rollovers are the most deadly type of car accidents? Vehicles with high profiles, for example vans and trucks, are mainly vulnerable to rolling over.
6.Do you know that according to various research men actually cause twice as many accidents as women.

Statistics of The Different Ways in Which Car Accidents Take Place

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Toronto car accidents have a lasting impact on drivers and their families. Management of Auto Body Shop encourages all drivers to train themselves with respect to the dangers of preoccupied driving and injuries that may arise from an accidents.

Latest Toronto Car Accident News for December 14,2017
A 56-year-old Toronto man is dead after a sedan collided with a loaded flatbed transport truck in the westbound lanes of Highway 401 near Martin Grove Road in the “rear end-type crash”.