Waiting for Tow Truck
When you’ve had a car accident, you have no choice but to wait for a tow truck  to move the vehicle to an auto repair shop. However, while waiting for towing, according to Auto Body Shop Toronto companies, there are several steps you need to take to ensure you and your vehicle is safe.

1 – Move The Vehicle Waiting for Tow Truckcar body shop wait for tow truck North York ON

Be sure your vehicle is out of the way of oncoming traffic and onto the shoulder, if you can safely drive it. Moving it ensures passing motorists won’t hit your broken down vehicle. Also, when your vehicle is out of traffic, the tow truck driver will have an easier time hooking up your vehicle to tow it onto the auto repair shop.

2 –Use Your Hazard Lights Waiting for Tow Truck

After the vehicle has been moved off the road in a safe manner, you need to turn its hazard lights on. This button can be found near the steering column or on the dashboard. Motorists will be alerted to the impending danger by these lights. This is especially helpful at night while you’re waiting for a tow truck.

3 – Set Out Reflective Triangles or Cones Waiting for Tow Truck

In your emergency preparedness kit, you should have either reflective cones or triangles. This will secure the area around your vehicle when it’s broken down. Be sure one cone or triangle is placed at the front and one at the rear. You should also have a third on the side of the vehicle that faces the road. This allows for other motorists to see your vehicle and move to the other side of the lane or slow down.

4 – Organize Your Stuff Waiting for Tow Truck

While you’re waiting for one of tow trucks, make sure you gather everything in the vehicle you’ll need or want to take home with you. The stuff you should bring home includes all auto insurance information and valuable items. When you’re organized before the tow truck’s arrival, you can quickly get on the road after it’s been hooked up.

5 – Remain Inside Your Vehicle  Waiting for Tow Truck

It’s tempting to want to stay out of your vehicle while you wait for towing. However, according auto body shop Toronto companies, for your safety from passing motorists and the weather, you should remain inside until the truck arrives.

6 – Be Cautious When You’re Approached Waiting for Tow Truck

It’s not uncommon for passing motorists to pull over and assist stranded drivers. However, while you wait for one of the  tow truck Toronto companies, be leery. Stay inside the vehicle with the doors locked. Crack the windows slightly to speak with the motorists. Under no circumstances should you accept a ride from the person who has approached your vehicle unless it’s the tow truck driver.
See  his identification. Be sure, when calling  one of the tow truck  companies, that you have the dispatcher relay to you the name of the driver who will be coming to get your vehicle. If you can’t get a name, be sure you have the license plate number or something else that will identify them when they show up. You want to make sure it’s an actual tow truck driver coming to get your vehicle and you. Be sure this information is verified before you get out of your car and have the vehicle towed to an auto body repair shop.
It can be nerve-wracking while waiting on a tow truck to transport your vehicle to an auto body shop, but with a little due diligence on your part and some foresight, you can make the process go smoothly and safely.
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